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Bitcoin has exceeded all the records and was the highest in the month of October, while the crypto industry crossed the $2.6 trillion barriers the first time. Analysts from both sides had an argument, and they expressed outrage as the stock reached new highs. Some fear that the peaks are signs of a bursting bubble, while others predict that the crypto market, especially Bitcoin, will continue to rise. It is usually a good idea to be careful following a significant price increase because of bitcoin is unpredictable in nature; the prices are expected to fall down. It is a simple task to keep a close eye on future trends and to ignore the short-term market emotions. See the following best alt coins.




Polkadot is one of the altcoin of Ethereum, which includes the capabilities of smart contracts that allow for speedy and low-cost transaction processing. It stands out amongst others because of its compatibility and capacity to communicate with other blockchain networks. This adds to its success in the crypto world. It should be kept in mind since its parachain bids will commence. Parachains are interlinked chains that lie above the primary Polkadot relay chain. Because there is a finite amount of parachains, applications must compete for network space. As a result, auctions have been held.


Stellar Lumens


These are the cryptocurrencies that are simply intended to be used as a means of payment. But one issue in means of payment is that it is a competitive marketplace, which is made more confusing by stablecoins. On the other hand, a stellar lumen is not that typical digital currency. Its sights are focused on the money-transfer industry. Put stellar into your radar because it recently has made an announcement to collaborate with MoneyGram. MoneyGram is the largest money transfer provider.


With the help of Stellar, you can transfer money all around the world easily and quickly does no matter whether it is dollars or best alt coins. It makes trading an easy process by employing blockchain technology. Stellar and ripple are mostly common. But ripple is geared towards the financial market, and stellar is mainly concentrated on people.




The digital industry has received a good amount of attention, whether it is from decentraland to sandbox. Facebook also wanted to invest $10 billion in this digital world this year as Mark Zuckerberg thinks it to be a major future topic. Crypto is a perfect means to receive and transfer money though it is unclear which one will win. However, it is a good idea to look over the terrain and perhaps visit this world before investing money. Sandbox players can purchase and construct digital real estate, and they can create their games.


We tried to guide you through the recent best alt coins these years. However, it is important to conduct your own research before choosing. You must determine how you can invest in a particular crypto. You must see if the price structure suits you or not and also how you can work with them for a long time.